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Powerful & Best Tools and White Label Reseller

Advanced URL Shortener

We Provide the advanced URL shortener tool to our customers with a wide range of features. Connect Your Branded Domain Today and stop your worries about URL.

QR Code Generator

Generate and Scan your QR Code today to send emails , SMS , QR Code for URL's , make phone calls and many more features!

White Label Reseller

Sell Our Products with your brandings. It's Like We're Invisible. Simple One-Click White Label Platform Generator. Use our Products and sell them towards

Collect Your Payments

Sell our products with your name and collect your payment via Our simple payment gateways including Paypal , eCheck / Local Bank Transfer.

We Accept:

American Express

Few More Reasons To Choose Us


Sellings Made Easy

Did you want to take your customer something bigger and better? Yes! We will do that for you, bringing in more income for your business. It's like having a great salesperson on your team that works for free.

Offer Promotions and Have Robusts Report

You can keep your customers coming back by refreshing services and prices frequently. Choose from numerous promotions and decide how long to run them. We will supply detailed reports to help you expand your service offerings and drive sales.

Build Your Platform Within Just One Click!

Are you thinking about creating a platform for selling services and tools? Don't have much Time? or Skills ? No Worries we are here for you.Sell It With Your Branding and Get comission upto 3 Lines as we provides MLM (MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING) feature also .

Allow Your Users to create their resellers platform in Just One Click!

Wants to sell reseller service / platform to your customer? Yes! Now your customers can create their reseller platform for selling same products like your's in just One Simple Click!

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