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This Platform Is Developed By Specially For Resellers and Online Money Makers.Single Click White-Label Reseller Platform Generator
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Link Shortener & White-Label Reseller, Based on Artificial Intelligence

We provide our customer advanced AI based Link Shortener and A White-Label Reseller Program

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The ways We can help you


User Friendly Platform

We Provides User Friendly Platform Which Helps Our Customers To Become A Professional Reseller With No Technical Knowledge.


Ready Made Platform

Powerful Ready-made Platform To Our Resellers Which Helps Them To Engage More Customers and Earn More Money.


Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates To Resellers Platforms No Manual Update or Installation Required.


Custom Domains

Users Can Connect Their Own Domains Or Subdomains With Their Reseller Platform or Link Shortener.


Qr Code Generator

Free Qr Code Generator For All Users. Generate Qr's of your links and share to people.


Hassle Less Setup

Hassle Free Setup For Our Users / Resellers.

A few things clients
normally ask us

How To Create A Reseller
Simply Login To Your Dashboard And Navigate To Resellers Tab On Left Sidebar Menu. After That Fill Your Credientials And You Are Done.
How To Connect Custom Domain To Reseller
Navigate To Resellers Panel In Your Dashboard and Click On Connect Custom Domain.
Point Your Domain To Our Ip Address Provided There and Add The Domain To Your Resellers Panel.
How We Get Our Payments?
Your Payments are Automatically Sent To Your Stripe Or Paypal Account Provided By You in Your Account Settings.
Resellers Will Recieve their payment with in 15 Days Due to Our Refund Policy
How To Link Stripe Or Paypal Account?
Navigate To Your Dashboard and Click On Account Settings On Right Side Under Your Username.
Navigate To Payment Methods Section and Simply Enter Your Stripe Or Paypal Credientials.
How To Connect Custom Domains To Link Shortener Tool?
Login To Your Account By Providing Your Credientials and then Navigate To Domains Tab On Left Sidebar Menu. There You can Add Your Domain Or Subdomains
What If I Reaches My Resellers Limit?
If A Customer Reaches His/Her Reseller Limit They Will No Longer Get Their Payment Of Reseller Shortenerpro.com Deduct 100% Of Payment According To The Reseller's Policy

Our Pricing

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For Small Resellers
Our complete solution
Our complete solution

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Resellers 1 10 100 Unlimited
Custom domains 5 10 50 Unlimited
Branded links total 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Link automation 1000 10,000 100,000 Unlimited
Redirects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tracked clicks 50,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Link expiration -
Link expiration by click limit -
Link cloaking -
Referrer hiding -
Password protection -


SSL(by let's Encrypt)
Mobile Targeting
Chat support
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QR code
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301 redirect code
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